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Season 1, Episode 7

Customer Marketing with HubSpotter Natalie Gullatt

With Natalie Gullatt, Marketing Manager at HubSpot and Founder of the Black Marketers Association of America.

On this episode of The Intelligent Inbound® Podcast, Jen talks with Natalie Gullatt, Marketing Manager at HubSpot and Founder of the Black Marketers Association of America .

Natalie is an experienced marketing leader with a focus on marketing strategy, and social media marketing, digital marketing, and customer marketing.
Jen and Natalie discuss:
  • Why she created Black Marketers Association of America
  • The role of customer marketing in an inbound organization
  • Why customer marketing starts before the customer becomes a customer
  • The work she does on the Customer Evidence team as the Lighthouse Merchandising Marketing Manager
  • How she enables marketers within HubSpot to use customer advocacy to bring in more prospects and close more deals.


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